Feel at Home – Making integration happen

2. November 2018

The project ‘Feel at Home’ will bring communities together to create video messages around integration and belonging, and will produce video resources for how we can all play a role in making integration happen.
Through this project Migrant Voice will organise a series of training for migrants and host community members to learn skills in video making and create a number of these with messages around home, belonging and integration. These will be shared widely online in order to provide positive messages and stories of role-models and to provide examples of what you can do to make integration happen and get more to join in.

The videos will cover several themes:
a) ‘My City, My Home’: migrants and host community individuals tell their story of why they feel at home in their city including what helped and hindered them in settling into their new home, what it takes to feel you belong.
b) Migrants and refugees – both recent arrivals and those who have lived in the UK a long time – will share (creatively, with humour, drama etc) how they overcame barriers they faced to integration and what tips and advice they have to others. addressing the needs of newly arrived to learn more about the UK
c) Individuals will share their stories about making integration happen e.g. I work at a local library/tenancy association/ volunteer at… This shows migrants and host community role models who are helping people integrate by providing opportunities for engagement in local activities.

Where: London, Birmingham and Glasgow

Image source: Migrant Voice