Maryhill Integration Network brings communities together

23. November 2018

The Funding will support MIN’s Echo Dance Project, to create a new multi-disciplinary international dance production, involving contemporary
dance, traditional dance, songs and poetry. The Echo Dance Project is part of MIN’s regular program of activities, which aims to support vulnerable adults and children from asylum seeker, refugee, BME and new migrant communities, as well as including members from indigenous community to promote community integration.
In particular, Women and children from these backgrounds face language, cultural, social and economic barriers, and disadvantages such as racism, poverty and poor mental health. The majority of families we work with live in communities that are in the bottom 0-15% of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, areas that have suffered prolonged economic, social and physical deterioration.

The project will focus on the issues facing New Scots, those new to Glasgow, especially Asylum Seeker and Refugee communities, by exploring the experiences of leaving a difficult situation in their home countries, in order to make a dangerous journey against the elements, arriving in a new place, integration and progressing to friendships and feelings of safety.

Image source: Maryhill Integration Network