Syria, Art and Escape

An exhibition by and with Syrian artists

MoneyGram is once again breaking new ground when it comes to integration. Selected MoneyGram branches opened their doors to give customers and visitors the opportunity to experience first hand extracts of the “Syria, Art and Escape” exhibition.

The exhibition, which prior to this had been shown in Cologne as a classic cultural event, was to be introduced to a wider audience and is another element of the MoneyGram “integration campaign”.
It started out in October 2017 as two one-week events at MoneyGram branches in Munich and Hamburg, followed by a two-week event at the MoneyGram branch in Frankfurt-Höchst. Here, selected exhibits from the exhibition were shown during normal working hours at MoneyGram branches. The aim was to create an awareness of the topic “Syria, art and escape” and to encourage those looking at the artworks to reflect on it.

All the exhibitions at MoneyGram branches were free to visitors. The crowning glory was the two-day closing event at the MoneyGram headquarters in the heart of Frankfurt. MoneyGram opened up its innermost part for a whole weekend and welcomed visitors to its premises, which are normally closed to the public.

“MoneyGram made it possible to showcase our artists’ work to a wider audience. We look forward to an exciting exhibition series” (Jabbar Abdullah)
A variety of works from different genres were exhibited in a number of themed rooms. Any visitors interested – whether they were bankers, refugees or simply art fans – were invited. MoneyGram is delighted to have created a platform through this exhibition that has been able to bring people of different cultures and life situations together.

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Bild: Keam Tallaa: Asyl (2017). Acryl auf Papier, 80×60 cm